We are committed to making the world cleaner and healthier.

Shivshakti Enterprises has its staunch presence as a seasoned company in the world of solar energy across South Maharashtra. We have an extensive experience and engineering capabilities required for the successful integration of solar power to the grid. Shivshakti Enterprises focuses on solutions that increase the economic returns of solar energy while reducing its ecological cost. Shivshakti Enterprises is committed to making the world cleaner and healthier. From research and development to operation, we create and optimize valuable solar and storage projects that benefit communities for decades. With the accurate solution, right products, and the strong team we achieve the targeted with great satisfaction and continue to have long term business with the clients based on our client servicing methods.

Expertise in project execution and solar engineering solutions

Shivshakti Solar specializes in solar powered energy solutions including photovoltaic solar (PV) panels, solar thermal heating systems, solar attic ventilation, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, energy efficient home improvements and commercial lighting. Our utilization of advanced technology, engineering expertise, and proprietary processes enables us to deliver high infrastructure reliability and strong ROI with industry-leading energy prices. We are having Experienced in-house team with great flexibility and responsiveness to fulfill project-specific requirements. Unmatched capabilities to effectively handle innovative and challenging applications for solar power. We are highly focused on client specifications and satisfaction.

At Shivshakti Solar We Provide:

–  Cost-competitive and reliable energy options for our customers

–  Custom renewable generation and energy service options

–  Track record of customer focus

–  Development expertise

–  Operational excellence

–  Financial strength